Acceptable Use Policy Date of Last Revision:  September 22, 2016
1. Introduction
Use of Our Services (website, applications, add-ins, plugins, mobile applications, etc) provided by Daphne Software Incorporated ("We", "Us", "Our") is subject to this Acceptable Use Policy ("AUP").  If there is a conflict between this AUP and the Agreement you have with LionConference to obtain the Services, the Agreement will prevail.  This AUP applies to anyone using the Services including you, your employees, your meeting organizers, and your meeting attendees.  You, your employees, your meeting organizers, and your meeting attendees are hereafter collectively referred to as "You" for the purposes of this AUP.

We reserve the right to amend or modify this AUP at any time.  Upon amendment or modification of this AUP, we will update the Date of Last Revision above or provide notification via the Services or email.  Any changes to this AUP are legally binding on You.  By using or accessing the Services, you are agreeing to this AUP.

2. Restrictions
You agree not to use, or encourage, promote, or instruct others to use the Services to:
  • Commit fraudulent or illegal activity
  • Violate any agreement or policy of LionConference or for usage of the Services
  • Infringe any copyright, trademark, or intellectual property
  • Access or probe any network, computer system, or device without authorization
  • Interfere, attack, disrupt, conduct vulnerability or penetration testing, conduct or coordinate a denial of service attack, crawl or scrape information, distribute viruses or malicious software including but not limited to trojans, spyware, and ransomware.
  • Send unsolicited advertisements or spam messages
  • Alter, forge, or mask mail or web headers
  • Reverse engineer or decompile LionConference source code
  • Circumvent, hack, or gain unauthorized access to LionConference equipment or accounts
  • Disable or disrupt LionConference services or other user accounts
  • Access, or attempt to access, other LionConference user accounts or services
  • Engage in conduct or behavior that is harassing, stalking, bullying, or abusive
3. Violations
We reserve the right to investigate potential or actual violations of this policy or any agreements you have with LionConference.  Violating or failing to comply with this AUP constitutes a breach of the Terms of Service agreement and We may take action allowed or outlined in the Terms of Service agreement or by law.  Further, we may also take the following actions at our sole discretion and with immediate effect:
  • Warnings and notification of violation(s)
  • Suspension and termination of your Services
  • Removing or disallowing access to violating content
  • Legal action and proceedings against you resulting from the breach or violation
  • Disclosure of relevant information to law enforcement as We feel is necessary

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